Legal Method
The Malaysian Legal System
Islamic Law
Law of Contract
Malaysian Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Administrative Law
Land Law
Family Law
Company Law
International Law
Banking law
Conflict of laws
Employment law
Environmental law
Gender and law
Industrial relations law
Insurance law
Intellectual property law
International Human Rights and Humanitarian law
Islamic criminal law
Islamic laws of evidence
Media law Remedies
Laws of Evidence
Criminal Procedure
Civil Procedure

Accessibility and usability of e-government Web sites
Administrative reform through e-government
Assessment of e-government projects
Avoidance of technology pitfalls in e-government development
Building government-to-government enterprises
Digital government
E-government and digital divide
E-government databases
Evaluation of public sector information systems
Future directions of electronic government
Governance and electronic democracy
Identity management, data protection, and citizens� privacy
Implementing e-government systems in transition economics
Innovative applications and best practices in e-government
-agency information sharing in e-government and shared services
International integration/collaboration of e-government
IT management issues in e-government
Local e-government implementation and diffusion
Organizational and human factors influencing e-government adoption and diffusion
Strategic management of e-government
Technology adoption and diffusion in the public sector
Theories, conceptual models, and frameworks for public sector information systems
Transformation government
Fundamentals of islamic Jurisprudence
Islamic Jurisprudence
Islamic economy
Islamic management
Islamic law
Syariah law
Islamic and work ethics management
Islamic entrepreneurship
Islamic Psychology Management
Leadership and Da'wah
Aqedah and Philisophy
Issues in Islamic Economics
Issues in Islamic Sosial
Qur�an and Sunnah Studies
Usul al-Din & Comparative Religion